Sarvam Yajnamayam Jagat - Meaning The whole world is the process of Yajna.

 (Kalika Purana, 31 .40) :

The term "Vedica" originates from the Sanskrit expression which means, Consciousness and Restoring Knowledge. We conduct various Yajnas and Havan (Fire Rites) in the most systematized form as per the directions laid in the Vedas.
Before we delve deeper into various forms of Yajna and its advantages for you, lets understand the term "Yajna" or Yagya. Yajna is the very essence of the Vedas. The Sanskrit expression ‘Yajna’ is derived from the verbal root Yaj which means ‘to worship’, ‘to sacrifice’, or ‘to bestow’. There is no specific English equivalent as the term Yajna has a diverse meanings depending upon the context in which it is used. It could mean either ‘a sacrifice’, or ‘a sacrificial rite’, or ‘an act of worship’, or ‘a pious or devotional act. Yajna is potent tool of producing celestial energies of metaphysical realms instilled in the invisible dimensions of consciousness. Yajnas are a culmination of long and deep research by our seers. The unseen powers that are hidden within us are awakened and given an organized direction through Yajnas.

Thus there are multiple meanings of the term Yajna which convey different aspects of this broad concept. Yajna, in the general sense, is any Karma performed in the spirit of offering such as worshiping, praying, meditating, and so on. In the specific sense, it represents the performance of rituals ordained in the scriptures for propitiating the deities and invoking their divine help for various reasons. The Aim of the Yajna (Read More)...

Vedica offers various Yajnas aimed to suit your needs. Please find the details below & also refer the top "Yajna" section for more details -

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